PreLoved = ReLoved

What Is PreLoved = ReLoved?

Our long awaited PreLoved = ReLoved section is all about reusing all those amazing perfect condition pet products that you no longer use, the concept is simple, it is allowing someone else to opportunity to purchase good quality items at a lesser price, whilst you are compensated meaning that everyone wins. 

Not only does it help you as a buyer or a seller it is helping our planet, Reduce > Reuse > Recycle! Our initiative will also support charity with 100% of all PreLoved/ReLoved profits being put towards making a difference. 

You sell us the item/s that you no longer need or want and then it can be bought by someone else who will love it just as much as you did,  how often do you have that puppy collar and lead sat about until such a time as you end up putting it in the bin? Or how often do you begrudge paying so much for a harness that your dog will literally grow out of in the matter of months? 

Where can I find the ReLoved items? 

Head over to our shop section or just Click Here!   

How does it work?

If you have a pet item that is in good condition then follow the link above to fill out our information form. Once you have completed this we will review the information and be in touch within 48 hours, we may ask for further information and also pictures if you haven't yet provided any. 

We will then offer you a figure, should that figure be agreeable with you we will arrange for us to get the item(s), this may either be done by personally collecting ourselves if you are located within Edinburgh/The Lothians or we will send you prepaid packaging. 

Once we receive the item we will check it over and if all is ok we will arrange transfer of funds to you. We will then take the item, sterilise and get it prepared for sale. We will sell the item on to someone who can ReLove your PreLoved.  

Please note that 40% of all the profits made from our Preloved/Reloved sales will go to an animal charity on a monthly basis, the charity will be decided via a poll on instagram so make sure to follow us to have your say!

How can I sell my PreLoved items?

Please Click Here complete our PreLoved contact form.

We will then get back to you within 2 working days.

What items are accepted?

Almost all pet related items as long as they are not damaged and in good condition.  I.e: Perfect Fit & Roughwear Harnesses, Pet Clothing, Leads, Collars, Crates, Cat scratching posts, etc. 

*Please note that discount codes will not be redeemable against PreLoved item & for legal/safety reasons we cannot accept any food products (These can be donated to local animal shelters).