Only the best for your pet.

We are a family business run by husband (Johnny) and wife (Shaneen) along with our little helpers (our 3 young children) and our 2 dogs Indie and Harlie.  

In 2019 we decided that it was time to take the leap and follow our passion of working with animals. Animals have always been a prominent part of both our lives so we decided to set up a dog walkers and pet services business, which continues to successfully run and thrive today. 

Our Drive.

Our drive to create a shop which would supply the best pet products arose with a mixture of reasons the first was when we bought our springer spaniel Indie, due to her breed we began to research which food would be best for her, with our older dog we had always just picked up anything from the store with no thought to the nutritional value. 

We then were informed about a website which shows you the nutritional value of different dog foods, ranking them in order based on a percentage, we were shocked to find out the foods we had been feeding our older dog were actually not good for her, the more we researched the more we discovered that most of these mainstream brands were all owned by a few large companies and most of which had a value of under 60% that is when we decided that we wanted stay clear of these brands and try to support places who share our feelings. 

We decided that we wanted to try and help other pet owners be able to source the best for their pet without all the worries of trying to work out if the brand is a good healthy option however we didn't action this  until one day we were picking up a dog and one of our clients made a passing comment on how good it would be if we could deliver their pets food, this set alight the fire and pushed us to finally act upon all the ideas we previously had and thus Baillie Pet Supplies was created.

We personally feel that the most important things are the  health, wellbeing and happiness of your pets which is why we will only  be stocking/working with other independent businesses that share the same passions and feelings as we do, making sure that they put your pet first and keep everything as natural, yummy and healthy as possible.  

 For us the environment is also a massive factor on how we run things, we have 3 young children and we want to try our best to help save the planet for them therefor we are trying to keep our company as eco-friendly as we can which means we will be doing things like avoiding using as much packaging  possible, reusing any packaging that we can and sourcing eco-friendly packing.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We have a lot of ideas and we will continue to implement them over time however no matter what, our goal will always stay the same, Natural, Healthy, Yummy and Eco Friendly. 

 We Care about giving back so we offer a 10% discount for Armed Forces, Emergency Services, NHS Staff and OAP, valid ID Proof will be required.   If you want to know anything else, or have any questions/queries please do not hesitate to contact us.